Kid Tonic Step 1 (Age 3-4)


[Grow strong] 

During the important development stage of preschool, KRG Kid Tonic Provides your children with immune enhancement to build solid foundation for health.



Kid Tonic Step 2 (Age 5-7)



[Grow healthy] 

Take care of your kids with KRG Kid Tonic on the first day of kindergardten. It supports your children with immune and stamina enhancement formula. 



Kid Tonic Step 3 (Age 8-10)



[Grow fast] 

It is time for older children to start school with much bigger and heavier bags. Cosistent health care is more crucial than ever at this stage. It supports your children with immune and stamina enhancement formula.



Kid Tonic Step 4 (Age 11-14)



[Grow smart] 

Growing taller everyday. With immune enhancement feature, this KRG Kid Tonic is specifically desgined to meet the unique nutritional needs of 11-13 years old junior teens. 







Blending natural herbs with Korean red ginseng extract, i-Pass is based on a respected and traditional oriental medicine called "Chongmyungtang," which helps to enhance the mental performance and concentration of active students.



i-Kicker Apple/Grape




Health drink made for children, containing Korean red ginseng and natural fruit extract, with no aritifical flavoring or preservatives.