The "King's Berry," Aronia, joins "the King of Herbs," Korean Red Ginseng, in a 100%-natural and powerfully antioxidant-rich formula.

Aronia berries, considered the most-powerful among the antioxidant fruits, naturally contains incredibly high levels of anthocyanin and polyphenols to protect themselves as they grow under the harsh cold and intense sun.  A superfood selected as a GoodBase material, the Aronia Berry is also called the Black Chokeberry and was referred to as the "King's Berry" in medieval Europe for its highly-prized health attributes.  

This ingredient is combined with a dose of Korean Red Ginseng to support energy (stamina), healthy blood circulation, memory functions, the immune system, and healthy aging.  Sweetened with grape, pear, agave and raspberry juices, GoodBase Aronia is a blend that not only supports long-life and vitality, but is anall-natural drink, which you'll love and enjoy!

- Korean Red Ginseng extract,
- Aronia Berry juice,
- Grape juice,
- Pear juice,
- Agave syrup,
- Natural raspberry flavor.

Bringing forward the 118 years of safety and proud tradition developed in their CheongKwanJang brand (the World's No. 1 Brand of Ginseng), Korea Ginseng Corporation brings you GoodBase 100% superfood.  Each crop undergoes 290 safety checks for the highest-quality products you can trust for life and for happiness.



KRG Aronia Drink is developed by Korea Ginseng Corp. – Cheong Kwan Jang, which is detoxification, beauty & slimming products. Using the best qualityof Aronia, which is rich in anthocyanins (natural antioxidants) and proanthocyanidins, the highest nutritional value of fruit.


Detoxification: accelerate intestinal peristalsis, eliminate intestinal stool, inhibit the absorption of toxins in vivo

Antioxidant: reduce free radicals, maintain tissues and vitality & stay young

Slimming: Improving false hunger, slow down the formation of fat and promote metabolism

Product Ingredients:

Mixture Juice (Aronia Juice, Grape Juice, Pear Juice), Korean Red Ginseng Concentrate.

Pack Size:

50ml x 10pouches





速排毒 加速肠道蠕动,消除肠道宿便,抑制毒素体内吸收

高抗氧 降低自由基,维护组织及器官的适龄活力,提升美肌效果,令肌肤保持年轻

超纤体 改善假性饥饿,降缓脂肪形成,并促进新陈代谢,减低腹腔脂肪堆积