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by Candy posted Mar 04, 2017


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Name : Candy
Tel Number :4160000000
Email Address :
I just saw your print ad in Sing Tao Saturday Magazine. It's great you advertise in a Chinese publication for the Chinese community.

Unfortunately, upon closer look, you have your ad in simplified Chinese. Sing Tao Saturday Magazine is a publication in traditional Chinese and Sing Tao and you ad agency might have told you that it's ok to have a simplified Chinese ad in a traditional Chinese publication, it's actually not from the view of the Chinese community. It's actually discriminating, insensitive, and unprofessional. Simplified Chinese is read by people from mainland China. Traditional Chinese is read by people from Taiwan and Hong Kong, and other Chinese from Asia. By having a simplified Chinese ad in a traditional Chinese publication, you are discriminating against people from Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

Sing Tao actually have publications in simplified Chinese that target those from mainland China. They might have not mentioned it to you and your ad agency, and might have even lied, because the traditional Chinese publication has a high circulation, and hence they can charge you more. Your ad agency would hence get a higher agency fee too.

You such ad did nothing to promote your product. But in fact, hurt and damaged your brand, your company reputation, and very likely your sales. We will took to social media to highlight your horrific mistake and will told as many friends and family members not to buy your product.

It's a shame.